Private Commission







BG simple


per Twitch emote 

          35,00 €



simple Chibi

          60,00 €



detailed Chibi

          80,00 €




          50,00 €



Waist up

          70,00 €

          90,00 €

       170,00 €

Thights up

       110,00 €

       130,00 €

       210,00 €

Full Body

       150,00 €

       170,00 €

       250,00 €



SLOTS OPEN: 1 (maybe more later)


I very rarely do private commissions, so I always give previous notice via Twitch, Twitter and Instagram when I open slots.

Normally I offer Commissions only at conventions as Live Commission sketches.



► Mail: commission(at)chasm-project(dot)com

► Payments must be made within 24 hours of the commission being accepted.


What I draw:


► OCs, fanarts

► pure furrys (Since I draw such things very very rarely I am not very good at it)

► mech, cars (Because of the details, I would charge extra for that)

► Romance



► no realistic illustrations of people

► Pornographic and overtly sexual scenes.

► Gore, Voilent, Vore and hate Art

► Exaggerated body proportions, like breasts which are extremely oversized and not proportionate.



► Paypal only

I cannot pay bills with: "I'll advertise for you as payment", shares or points. 


Other information:

I don't post all commissions on my social media accounts.


But I may use the drawing of your commission for business cards, websites, banners and portfolio. I will do not sell any of your commission as merchandise (charms, posters etc.) without prior agreement and explicit permission from you.


All orders that were drawn as private commission may only be used for your own purposes. You may do whatever you want with them as long as it is non-profit and only for yourself. Commercial use of private commission is strictly prohibited.


IMPORTANT Private vs Commercial Commission:

The displayed list above for prices of commissions doesn't reflect the prices of commercial works. If you want to hire me for comics, video games, animations and more in the commercial area, please contact me at: commission(at)chasm-project(dot)com