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If you would like to commission for commercial or any matter that related to commercialize my work please contact me at commission(at)chasm-project(dot)com with your name and request. (The price for these works will be higher than personal commissions. )

More information I´ll tell you after you has make a request with all details.



I was asked by the FAZ to make some Illustration for their Feuilleton. It was a pleasure to work with them together. On 19th demenber you can find my Works at the FAZ. So have fun and take a look.

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9 November 1989: On this day in Germany, the Cold War came to its definitive end without a single shot being fired. The Iron Curtain, which had divided the world and separated Berlin with a wall, was lifted. Now twenty years later Berlin is a multiculty city in Germany and and now Berlin celebrate this Date with a special Event. A part of this Event is the "Domino Action" the symbolic fall of the Wall as historical Event. And I´m one of the lucky one who are allowed to paint one of these Domino Stone for this Event on the 9th november in Berlin. All Dominostones are collected in the Book called "Dominobuch" more Information you can find here

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